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The massive rise in popularity of iPhones and smart-phones is no secret. Mobile devices allow users the freedom to access almost all the things they would formerly have to do on a desktop computer while they’re out on the go.

This has led to a sharp increase in the number of businesses figuring out that mobile application branding can add a new dimension to their strategies.

When most people think about mobile apps, they immediately think of downloadable games, e-books, or other high-profile applications that get plenty of media share. What many people forget is that they’re likely to access more practical, highly-branded apps more regularly for other uses.

These may include:

  • Social networking apps
  • News or weather apps
  • Navigation apps
  • Music apps
  • Lifestyle apps
  • Education apps
  • Finance apps
  • Sports apps

Regardless of the types of mobile applications being used, the most popular of these all have one primary element connecting them together: clever branding.

How Do You Create a Successful Mobile Brand?

In order to really create a successful mobile brand, it’s important to note that users fully expect to download apps that they can use. Gimmicks might be cute, but usability still tops the list.

In fact, the vast majority of marketing rules that apply to your online marketing efforts will also apply to mobile marketing and branding efforts. Users want speed and usability.

Value: The key is to try and cater to your business’s specific target audience as closely as possible. As long as you can create a mobile application that provides value to your customers in some way, whether it’s education, information, entertainment or whatever, you’re on the right track. If you can meet those needs within your customers, your brand will remain in the forefront of their minds.

Speed: Of course, even the most useful application will be pointless if it takes forever to load or to achieve anything. The app file should be optimized for fast downloading and quick operation.

User-Friendly Interface: Even the very best apps can fail dismally if the interface is awkward, clumsy or difficult to use.

Customer Engagement: What reason will your customers have to keep using your application? A well-branded mobile app should keep customers engaged according to what they were expecting to receive when they downloaded it.

Power Efficiency: If your app is power-intensive, chances are people will stop using it if it drains their mobile battery power every time they use it.

If you can incorporate these elements into your own mobile application, you’ll find that your target audience will come to recognize your brand for what it can offer them. Contact us today to learn more.

Posted in Digital Trends on February, 2018

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