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The Value Chain of Promotional Videos

Getting your message in front of your customers can be a challenge and you need and effective and economical way to reach your customers with a compelling message that keeps their attention from the start.

We’ll show you how you can use video to get your message in front of the largest number of your customers powerfully and cost-effectively.

With our “Video Promos” we make it easy for your customers to understand the important benefits of what you do and why they need it.
But, just producing your promotional video is not good enough. You need to use it. And, the more you use it, the more people will be exposed to your strongest, most persuasive message possible.

Here are a few Ways to SPREAD your Message using a Promotional Video:
1. Include with ALL Materials, mail and hand out. You can generate new business leads, connect with customers and showcase your business by inexpensively mailing-out your promo video to prospects.

2. Put your promotional video on CD or DVD to show at trade shows, kiosks, and office lobbies. Feature your promo video in your booth on a large screen or on laptops. Let it loop automatically. Also distribute them. It will enhance your image.

3. Use it in your Email. Email your video to prospects. Also email your video as a follow-up to a meeting with a customer. It’s an opportunity to build the relationship & reinforce the message heard at the meeting.

4. Demonstrations on a Laptop. In sales meetings and trade shows give one- on-one presentations to people you meet. Show your video to customers, the press, business contacts and partners.

5. Give to Distributors. It takes time to explain your message for recruitment and explain to the dealer why they should carry your products or services. A promotional video is the perfect solution. And in addition, a distributor, by having your video with a persuasive message,
can negotiate a BETTER deal.

6. Feature your promo video on your website, blog or social networking site. Use your promo video to drive people to your website. Video is incredibly cost effective. Thanks to new high-speed internet technologies, today’s video can look extremely good on the web even forsmall businesses. Mid Hudson web can deliver your video to the web in uncompromising quality.

7. Use to Train New Employees. Is your staff spending too much time presenting the same information to employees, over and over? A customized orientation video can save time and money getting the proper message you want to convey to your new employees.
Can you see the benefit in reaching a greater number of people who truly hear and understand the value of what you do and what you offer?

Promo Videos are powerful messages that show the important benefits of your solutions in a compelling and engaging way. There is simply no more effective or economical way to get your strongest message out to a very large number of people.

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