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It is this vision that drives our commitment to push the boundaries of design, development and technology and to deliver the best next-generation solutions. At Mid-Hudson Web, we harness our insight, dedication and expertise to challenge the boundaries of creativity and deliver on tomorrow’s capabilities.

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It is this vision that drives our commitment to push the boundaries of design, development and technology and to deliver the best next-generation solutions. At Mid-Hudson Web, we harness our insight, dedication and expertise to challenge the boundaries of creativity and deliver on tomorrow’s capabilities.

At the helm of our vision lies an unparalleled team of freelance veterans, each with several years of industry experience and a diverse foundation of skills and knowledge. In actuality, our experts are the decisive difference in the ongoing search for quality, as our studio constantly challenges every individual to fully harness his or her creative and technical potential. Our team of seasoned designers, developers and project managers has been instilled with the confidence and trust to consistently deliver high-impact client solutions on-time and within budget. Every member of our team is obsessed with detail and has a passion for perfection in their work efforts; this is the fuel that makes the difference.

Since our inception and throughout Mid-Hudson Web Studio’s history, it has invariably been observed that no two projects have ever been the same. Often, we have witnessed first-hand other agencies overwhelming their staff and resources through their burning desire to develop a single, universal methodology. As a result, top-tier service providers are frequently more costly and less capable of working against a stringent deadline. For Mid-Hudson Web, the added expense that comes from a particularly burdensome process is simply unacceptable; we pride ourselves on our ability to effectively “turn on a dime,” as we believe that a flexible process is central to meeting our client’s needs while maintaining efficiency. At Mid-Hudson Web, we leverage our proven methodologies and expertise to create practical, rewarding relationships with our clients while delivering solutions that reach beyond their expectations.


At Mid-Hudson Web, we have assembled an unparalleled team of the finest freelance visual artists and motion graphics designers to deliver groundbreaking, award-winning solutions for our clients. Our proven methodologies, relentless motivation to excel, and highly talented team come together to create revolutionary concepts that effectively raise the bar for design standards.

The Mid-Hudson Web Design Team boasts an extensive background in languages and technologies, such as HTML, CSS, PHP, .NET, jQuery and AJAX, in order to provide an array of services that meets the most demanding of projects. Our goal is to push the boundaries of interactive web design and web development technology to create innovative solutions that set our clients apart from their competition.

The award-winning Mid-Hudson Web portfolio demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional interactive web design and web development solutions to our clients. After all, design is our passion, our expression, and our means to communicate your vision.


A quality design aesthetic is virtually useless without a well-executed backend architecture to support it. At Mid-Hudson Web, our seasoned team of developers routinely builds and deploys superior, cutting-edge, server-side solutions drawing from our exhaustive arsenal of time-tested “Best of Breed” methodologies. Our Web Development Team utilizes a wide range of current technologies to develop powerful and efficient applications. The Mid-Hudson Web Development Team also boasts several proven successes in the e-commerce arena, having developed seamless online shopping experiences and CRM applications for our clients’ customers. Moreover, our vast expertise in localization projects continues to grow as we are frequently challenged to deliver scalable multi-lingual solutions. Only a veteran team of experienced developers can confidently bring complex projects through to completion – Mid-Hudson Web is that team. Our robust backend architectures have garnered multiple industry awards and recognition for their cutting-edge use of technology and quality of execution.

Rich Media

Advances in browser technology, broadband connections, and software capabilities have resulted in the recent explosion of rich media across the internet. Users are increasingly gravitating towards richer, more satisfying interactive experiences, incorporating enhanced sensory features, such as motion graphics. Our veteran team possesses the experience and expertise to create effective rich media solutions which take projects above and beyond traditional online experiences. By harnessing the powers of technologies such as Flash and AJAX, the Mid-Hudson Web team produces inventive, engaging rich internet applications and interactive product demonstrations which provide all-encompassing user experiences loaded with features and capabilities. With an impeccable, long-standing reputation in Adobe Flash design, Mid-Hudson Web is a proven visionary in the development of rich media solutions. Through our integration of cutting-edge technologies and our flawless execution, the Mid-Hudson Web team is the team to deliver your goals beyond your expectations.


An effective identity is an integral element of any company’s marketing strategy. Powerful online branding needs to speak volumes about your company or product at a glance. As today’s consumers are inundated by visual iconography on a daily basis, the need for memorable online brand identities is greater than ever. The Mid-Hudson Web LLC team possesses the experience and creativity to deliver inventive, high-impact online brand identities that leave lasting impressions. Our seasoned team possesses the unique blend of creativity and marketing expertise to create logos and corporate identities that convey our clients’ purposes and messages while standing apart from the competition. As the masters of impression, we leverage our extensive experience and creative abilities to produce powerful online brand identities that consumers remember.


Well beyond the Internet, the Mid-Hudson Web Design Team is regularly tasked to perform their art in other forms of media. Drawing from our long history of motion graphics experience, our designers have highly developed their expertise in the creation of video-based solutions, ranging from the initial acquisition of video footage through final editing and encoding. Today, we offer our clients a full range of output options, including the delivery of broadcast-quality solutions. The Mid-Hudson Web team excels in several areas of the video production process, including post-production and compositing, as we focus to create immersive, cutting-edge broadcast media experiences for purposes such as DVDs and commercials. Utilizing the latest in production facilities, software, and video editing equipment, our talented team has the means and capabilities to meet any video challenge.

Sound Design

In today’s arena of high-impact media, consumers crave experiences that go well beyond visual aesthetics. Through the combination of quality sound effects and superior execution, Mid-Hudson Web delivers awesome audio solutions which push projects beyond traditional expectations. Whether your project requires subtle effects for button-clicks and roll-overs or a complete multi-track soundscape; our in-house team can assist. At Mid-Hudson Web, our experienced audio technicians have mastered the art of custom audio design. Utilizing cutting-edge equipment and technology, our team can produce custom sound effects to complement any project. From voice-overs to sound effect loops and full-length tracks, the Mid-Hudson Web audio production experts stand ready to deliver.

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