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News and Learning Center

"Call To Action"

The call to action is a simple aspect of a website and still remains one of the most important pieces you can focus on when you’re designing.>>read more

Brand Building Basics Most Often Overlooked

Have you taken the time to think about how your business card can help build your brand? Business cards are a readily available, low cost way of promoting your business and developing and expanding your network of customers and professional colleagues. They introduce your brand to people around the world, or your city, increase the brand recognition of your business. Be creative in developing a plan for creative use of your business cards and you'll increase traffic to your website, sales, profit and the reach of your business network with a small investment of time and money. >>read more

Differenti​ate Your Business Or Fail

One vital component of building a highly recognizable brand for your business is to find its unique attributes, and then build upon them. Take a look at the highly successful companies in the business world and you'll see that they have something in common - they've discovered how they can provide their customers with products and service that they can't get anywhere else. They provide quality and a customer relationship that keeps customers returning and purchasing.>>read more

Tools to Build Your Brand!

You are by now already aware that brand building is a fundamental part of building a successful business - on or offline. An effective brand building strategy creates a memorable impression that serves to establish your business as a field or industry leader. These days, even brick and mortar businesses are compelled to have an online presence, so whether you are selling handmade jewelry exclusively online or seeking to expand your professional practice with a new website, it makes sense to use these online tools to build your brand and expand your reach. >>read more

Partnership Branding

There should be many tools and tactics tucked away in your business's marketing strategy, but there are times when it's possible to leverage your branding efforts. By this I mean working together as a partnership with a complimentary business to yours that isn't in direct competition with you. This type of partnership is often referred to as 'co-branding', and is being used increasingly by eve some very large company names, and even some high-profile celebrities. >>read more

Using Press Releases to Build Your Brand

All of your business branding efforts to date may have been done using the best possible marketing skills, branding techniques and planning efforts, but all of it will be in vain if nobody knows about what you're doing. One of the easiest - and fastest - ways to let people know about your branding efforts is to use press releases to your advantage.>>read more

Buzz Tactics 101

It's long been recognized that word of mouth is one of the more effective ways to spread the word about a business, product or service. People are more likely to trust a brand that has been recommended to them by someone they know, so it makes sense to aim at encouraging existing customers to let friends know about your business. The issue most business owners face, however, is finding effective ways to get the word out so it can begin spreading to the right people. Here are some ways you might begin building buzz about your brand by using word of mouth...>>read more

Going Mobile – Mobile Applicatio​n Branding

The massive rise in popularity of iPhones and smart-phones is no secret. Mobile devices allow users the freedom to access almost all the things they would formerly have to do on a desktop computer while they're out on the go. This has led to a sharp increase of the number of businesses figuring out that mobile application branding can add a new dimension to their strategies. When most people think about mobile apps, they immediately think of downloadable games, e-books, or other high-profile applications that get plenty of media share. What many people forget is that they're likely to access more practical, highly-branded apps more regularly for other uses. >>read more

Branding and Networking Through Linked In

There is a platform out there designed to allow business owners to build up large professional networks of like-minded people. I'm talking about LinkedIn. LinkedIn is THE social network to join if you're a business owner, an entrepreneur, a contractor, a consultant, or even a job seeker. This is because it has a primary focus of business people and professionals from all over the world. >>read more

Branding Through Facebook

The meteoric rise in popularity of social networking site, Facebook, also led to a phenomenal growth in the number of businesses using the site for marketing and branding purposes. Yet, despite the sheer number of businesses on Facebook, it is still under-utilized by the majority of business owners. Social media offers an excellent opportunity to build your brand, but it also allows you to build strong bonds with past and future customers at the same time. These things should form a part of any successful long term marketing strategy, but when you relate them to Facebook they can definitely help to accelerate your results. >>read more



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