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Branding Using Twitter

No doubt you're already familiar with Twitter. It's just another social networking site, like so many others, right? If this is what you think of Twitter so far, chances are you're doing it wrong. Twitter has been hailed as one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available to business people anywhere on the Internet. The problem is, there are so many people who simply under-utilize this powerful tool that they begin to believe it's not worth their time or effort.>>read more

Branding Through YouTube

Social media really does offer plenty of opportunities for branding any small business quickly and positively, even on a small budget. With this in mind, YouTube should play a considerable role in your efforts. YouTube is free to watch and it costs nothing to upload videos that can be shared with others.>>read more

Branding Through Social Media

The phenomenal growth of social media isn't new to most people. In fact, it's believed that Facebook is one of the most frequently visited sites anywhere on the Internet. Yet the very nature of social media is based on ephemera. That means messages and information circulated via social media just isn't meant to be long-lasting or preserved for any length of time. It's there one moment, only to be replaced by something else that draws their attention a couple of minutes later. >>read more

Rebranding Your Company

Believe it or not, re-branding a company to create a new brand, a new image, or a new identity is quite common. It involves changing the visual graphic identity that's related to your company, but it may also involve transforming the entire marketing strategy and overall public perception of the company.>>read more

Branding Through Written Communicat​ion

Did you know that written communication can be a very powerful branding tool? Whenever you communicate in writing with your existing client base or even prospective customers, you have the opportunity to brand your business in their minds. Written communication was once limited to sending out letters, brochures or other printed material. However, these days your written communication can extend to emails, newsletters, social media, community forums, blog posts, websites and various other media in which writing is integral. >>read more

One Web Site; All Devices!

Responsive Website Design is nothing new, back in the day tablet based designers either chose the fluid or static route. Today’s responsive websites take a comparable approach by using fluid widths in percentages and ems. They do not stop, but take a step further by using scalable images and adjustable layouts. All of which is based on what kind or screen-size you are using while browsing the desired website. There are three very important elements in responsive web design. >>read more



Mid-Hudson Web LLC is a web design and development agency located near Poughkeepsie in the Mid Hudson Valley of NY. We design and develop visual experiences for digital platforms. Experience creativity with a talented team of "award winning" professionals who have the ability to initiate, create and innovate.